Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Would You Pick?

If you could choose any American person to be on a coin/dollar bill who would you choose? HH and I had this discussion after I read a blog entry about someone using it in a math unit in their classroom. We decided to opt out of choosing governmental figures. My choice was Jackie Robinson and HH's was Bill Cosby. Who would you choose?

At my American History meeting on Thursday night we were discussing how many of the women of the revolution have stories that are in trunks and attics around the US and England. He asked in our group of thirty-five how many people had a grandmother's journal, and only two people did. Then, the question was posed on who was keeping a journal NOW for the future generations in their family. No one raised their hand. It was not brought up about blogs, but I would certainly consider that my journal. I have even considered doing the blog to book so it would be in print format. I type much faster than I can write, I like including photos/links, and also the comments of others. One lady in our group said, "Well, I guess I would have to print out my year in status messages from Facebook for my grandchildren."

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