Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrate Good Times....

After watching the Frog and the Princess, we went to Jack Fry's for dinner. The Jack Burger deserves every single award it has gotten. I told HH that it burgers like this that make it EASY for me not to eat McDonalds burgers and other crap like that. When I want an awesome burger, I want an awesome burger. Since having my WLS, I am not willing to compromise quality for quick access, cheap, junk.

The Happy Couple! :) We have spent a good day reflecting on our special day last year, and all the good things that have come about since then.
We are watching Ice Age 3 now.

I'm meeting my best friend Wendy for lunch, but first I must stop in and get the new Vera Bradley pattern (in a purse, wallet, lunchbox, school bag....hey, I like to coordinate).

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Anonymous said...

I am unable to eat a burger. It really doesn't bother me. I'd rather have something I know that I will enjoy, instead of picking at it.