Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This was a fun Diversion this morning....

HH and I watched Julie and Julia last night. We both really enjoyed the movie. I'll have to say that I'm not ready to tackle the feat of French cooking anytime soon.

I've been cranking the heat....yeah, all the way up to 77 degrees. One thing about getting skinnier is that I am always freezing. I keep my classroom pretty warm as well, as much as I can control it.

I forgot to mention that I took my wedding scrapbook to work yesterday. I eat lunch with my kids, and pulled six of my girls back to look at it during our lunch time. They were so cute. I really love this class.

HH got a call from a church in Virginia, and they are going to set up us making a visit there sometime in the fear future.

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JLI said...

Check those last two words in your post...."fear future". A Freudian Slip, perhaps? I know it's supposed to read "near future", but I found this particular typo rather curious. :)