Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Having a Talk...

I had to have a talk with one of my boys Isaiah yesterday. I asked him to take some money to another teacher, and I knew he was trustworthy to get the money to her. When I said Ms. Lisa, he raised his arms out and motioned you mean the "wide" Ms. Lisa (he didn't say wide, just motioned with his arms). Isaiah's sister was in our wedding, and she is on the heavier side. I'd hate to see him say something that could hurt her ever. I whispered to him that if all possible if he could look for other ways to describe a person other than their size. He was very sweet, and it was a good lesson for him to learn.

I order HH's personalized M&M's today. I got one picture, and they will have a variation of three personal messages. I got the Personalized Creations magazine today, and they have several cute items that I'm going to have to add to HH's Valentine's Day goodie bag.

HH and I have spent a good deal of the evening talking and praying about the situation with my sister and family.

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