Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Ramblings...

I have a new obsession....APRONS. I love so many aprons. They are so cute. I want a zillion of them. I only have three right now, but I can see that changing.

I can also see myself becoming obsessed with kitchen gadgets. I am already drawn to them frequently. I still need a few good basics, so I am trying not to waste money on small things now that I might not necessarily need. I need a good stock pot, cast iron skillet, and of course the Kitchen Aide Mixer!

Today is going to pretty much be a wash at work. We have our first field trip. I'm just coming back from being gone for three days. We'll get back at twelve, have lunch, take a test, read a bit, and the day will be over. At my old school we used to switch our prep period with another grade, so even on a field trip day you never missed a prep. They don't do that at this school, so I get no planning.

What Tonight's Plans Might Include:

1. BBall in the Hood
2. Celebration Dinner with our friends Alex and Rachel (not sure with schedule)
3. Comedy Caravan
4. Sitting my tail on the recliner all night long

I'm feeling drawn to number four right now personally.

I made a quick power point to show the kids some of the pictures of HH and I together. I'll show it during lunch.

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