Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweetest HH...Yet Again....

I am tired and achy all over. My ankle is giving me some troubles with the cold weather, and now my other ankle is hurting because I think I am putting more weight on my good one.

After church we went to Havana Rumba again...mmmmm!

We played board games with Alex and Rachel at Barnes and Noble, then ate at Jason's Deli for dinner. Rachel and I had such a great conversation. It is amazing how we have become so close since last April.

My sweet HH is getting the groceries (as per usual for him), and going to make my dessert that I have to bring into work tomorrow.....all so I can lay here and relax. I think part of my anxiety about this week is that I start a GED class on Mondays and Wednesdays, have my first "Basic Training" cooking class on Thursday (I am very very excited about this), and have to plan for a substitute for three days next week. My student teacher is going to start taking over shared reading, and it is hard for me to let go and allow someone else to take the reigns. I know I brag on him a lot, but I truly am so thankful that God brought this man into my life.

I am going to try and post the notes from my cooking class sometime this week. It may not be something many are interested in, but I really feel that I learned a lot of good basic information. I love leaving these classes knowing that I can go home and replicate the things I've learned.

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