Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Current Read....

I picked up this book for HH and I to read together, because we are both HUGE Bill Cosby fans. We have seen him live together and separately. Seeing that the book was by Bill Cosby pretty much sells itself, BUT the back cover sealed the deal...
"My mother and father ate oink. And they loved oink grease. Lard is what they ate. And they soaked up grease with a biscuit. And they loved butter too. And they sopped up and drank and ate grease. Sausage. Bacon. Ham. The oink. They loved it. Fatback. Salt pork. Oink. And I was born with lard all on my head, in the cracks of my arms and the back of my leg. So now my cholesterol is 741. So what? It doesn't bother me that it's 741. You eat what I eat, it's supposed to be. Every once in awhile my left arm will go numb. Okay. But if you shake it, it'll go away."
Last night, HH read the first chapter called "Oh, Baby!" about the first years of marriage. We were both in stitches laughing so hard.
Tonight is cooking class. I missed last week due to our plane flight and a mandatory meeting I had to attend. I've not slept well at all this week, and have been pretty tired, but cooking class has been one of the big highlights I've been looking forward to!

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