Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bracing for Snow....Maybe

Yeah....some people stock up on bread and milk for snowy weather, not us, we are all about the HOT DOGS! Actually, I didn't realize we had a few packages already, and I sent HH to get some more as a part of the grocery list.

Jerry makes the blog yet again! This time he was trying to make his hat to where he looked like a nun. I love this boy! He was sick right before Christmas break, so he was one of the first faces I couldn't wait to see walking through the door.
The snow is supposed to come in the morning, so perhaps we might get dismissed early. I think I'm having HH take me to work regardless. If for some reason we get the day off, I am going to finish our scrapbook that I am making through shutterfly, so I can get that ordered. I am about 85% finished with it. For this reason, I purposely did not bring report cards home to work on. My professional development for tomorrow evening got cancelled, and I won't be crying about that one. (They were worried about the weather.)


ChiTown Girl said...

THAT is hilarious!! Hey, here's a recipe for time, my nieces spent the night at my parents. It happened to be in the summer, which means my mom was at her villa, and my dad was on his own. Well, in the morning, the girls obviously wanted breakfast. My dad came up with...scrambled eggs with hot dogs!! Seriously!! He sliced them up and put them in the eggs. That was a couple of years ago, and the girls STILL talk about it! :)

The big storm is all over the news here, too. We're supposed to get the worst of it tomorrow afternoon. You know, just in time for rush hour! I just hope it hold off until we get out of school. And, I hope that means most of the babies will stay home on Friday. What?! I'm just keepin' it real!

JLI said...

I'm sure what we got here in STL we're happily sending your way right this very moment! :) I think it only dumped about 4" on us, which is laughable really, although most St. Louisans aren't laughing. Because they are sissies. Deal with east coast drivers and 18" of snow, then we'll talk...

Safe travels!