Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally a SNOW DAY!!!

Wednesday night was THE TIME.....for months I've been saving my Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, but decided to defrost it Wednesday. Doesn't this look like a bit of heaven? I had this treat to take with me to work on Thursday.


Unfortunately for HH, it was take your wife to work day because the school system was too stupid to cancel school. The plan was that he would just stay at work, because I knew we would get an early dismissal. In the past, here is how early dismissals worked: we stayed the required amount of time by the law to make the day officially count, and as soon as that time hit, the buses were lined up and ready to take the kiddos back home. Not so much with our current sup. He let us out one hour early. What was even the point of that? I had thirteen of my nineteen students show up. Below HH is warming up the car. What a sweetie! (He actually does this every single morning for me.)

I am up so early because I slept for probably a good two hours last night BEFORE we went to bed. I was so tired since I didn't get a good nights sleep on Wednesday. Today, I'm going to be productive...but wearing flannels and sitting in my recliner kind of way. :)
1. Report Cards will be finished (this should take about an hour)
2. Going to work on getting as much of my presentation for Monday done as possible
3. Go to the bank with HH (we didn't have our marriage license or my social security card to do this on Monday)
Tonight will be FUN as we are going to:

Havana Rumba (A little taste of Cuba right here in Louisville! My friend at work had a good ten things she recommended off the menu!)
Next Saturday I will be expanding my horizons yet again:
I'm going...
SNOW TUBING for the first time ever in my life!!! I haven't even told HH yet, but I know he will be up for it!
I think I'm getting HH personalized M&Ms for Valentine's Day.
Now, after all this talk about being productive, I have time to get in a nap before I start. Thank you snow day!

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