Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday = SNOW TUBING (Another First for Me)

View of where we will be sliding down in our snow tubes.

HH is getting nervous since I am taking him on yet another activity that requires a waiver. He said, "The last time I signed a waiver with you I lost a layer of skin." (When we went whitewater rafting, HH got a really bad sunburn.)

This is my favorite picture. I was pretty scared going up, and each time I rode with my tube attached to his. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

The best part was when our group went down all together (all nine of us). We get up there, and they have this little skinny girl who is supposed to get us started down the hill. Another guy in our group turns to me and says, "Look at that girl, she doesn't have enough *ss to get us started down this hill." The poor girl ends up going down half the hill with us, and we all kicked her with our boots as we passed her by. It was really funny after I knew she was ok.

YPAS Madrgial Dinner:
This was a wonderful event! One girl had a beyond amazing voice, and I leaned over to HH and said, "I wish I could sing like her." He replied, "And she wishes that she could be as beautiful as you are."

Now we are sitting at home relaxing, watching The Proposal.

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