Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Shopping

Ok.....Friday's Show Us Your Life from Kelly's Korner is on SHOPPING!

Shopping has been a new found love for me after losing a lot of weight. Prior to losing weight, I mainly had two online sources that I could shop from (at highway robbery prices) because of my size. I have never been able to afford having a full closet, because my clothing would wear out between the legs, or I could only get an outfit at a time.

Here are the places I love:



Ann Taylor



JJill (Probably my all time favorite)

Dress Barn


Non Clothing Places:

Fresh Market
Paul's Fruit Market
Whole Foods
World Market

Places I Don't Love:

Going to the GROCERY! Thankfully, HH does this for me almost exclusively. I am spoiled like that. I don't mind going to speciality grocery stores, because then I can slowly look around for things that I might like to use in my cooking.

The area that I could go CRAZY in is kitchen gadgetry. The only things that are stopping me now are: I don't have an unlimited amount of funds, my cabinets are packed to the gills, and I have little usable kitchen counterspace. When HH and I do buy our first place "together", I will most likely solely base my decision on the kitchen (or the potential of the kitchen).

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