Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 4

These are all over Washington, D.C. I wonder what the heck they are.

This is of the ceiling in a restaurant we ate at.

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Ben outside the Holocaust Memorial (You could not take pictures inside.)

Ben hailing a taxi....something he has become quite skilled at on our trip.

Ben's expression here is priceless....this is a real exhibit.

This is the portrait which Ben titled: "Charlie Brown Does LSD"

Seriously.....what the HECK is this?

Yesterday was a busy day again. It was a somber day as most of the day was at the Holocaust Memorial. The Holocaust has been a personal interest of mine every since I read The Diary of Anne Frank in fourth grade. I learned quite a bit while going through the exhibits that I didn't know. We got to Arlington three minutes before the gates closed for the day. We decided to do the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials instead.
Onto dinner and being brave....Ben has a cough. It can be loud, but he can't help it. We were in a crowded restaurant where the noise level was quite high. Across from us, is a group of 20-somethings girls (5 of them). I saw them look at Ben and make comments the first time he did this. I ignored it. About thirty minutes later, he did it again, and they really started up. I stared directly at one of the girls and said, "You don't have to stare, he can't help it." What was I thinking? I couldn't take on these five women had they decided to make something more of this. Needless to say, we managed to leave without me going to jail, but wow. I am proud of myself that I will speak up more. I used to not do this as often when I was heavy.
Today We Are Seeing:

The National Musuem of American History
The Albert Einstein Memorial
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Indexed

Day 3

Here we are at the end of the day....the Lincoln Memorial. We ended up not having a picnic.

I was trying to get the reflecting pool in the background, but the Washington Monument shows up well.

Getting pretty tired.

GREAT dinner in Georgetown. I had crab cakes (a no brainer)....then we walked around the various shops.

Our tour guide at the Library of Congress REALLY loved his job.

This spiral staircase is in the Supreme Court building, and was a site to behold.

Ben with Daniel Webster.

Posing at the Supreme Court.

What is on tap for tomorrow?
The Hishhorn Sculpture Gallery (briefly: about two hours...I love art, but am interested in certain artists.)
The Holocaust Museum (we have our entry at 12:30)
Arlington National Cemetary
In other news:
I registered for a women's Bible study starting in September called, "One in a Million." We have a mega church in town that does AM Bible studies for working women. I am excited about this. I also purchased the first book for book club meeting I am going to start attending on the last Monday evening of the month. I've wanted to do the book club for some time, but teaching GED prevented this.
I alao bought "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell. Our principal has read this along with several people on the staff, and I would like to know more.

Jobs I'd Like

(to have for just one day)....

* drive a fire truck/operate the big ladder
* operate a bulldozer and destruct something
* drive a BRINKS security truck (the money trucks)
* Secretary of Education
* Greeting card writer
* Tour guide
* Court Room Judge

I'm sure that I will think of more things I'd like to try for just one day. What about you guys? What would you do out of the box?

We are pretty much right in the middle of the action where our hotel is, and I am amazed at how crowded Starbucks is. Every time I've walked in there are always 20-30 people in line. The line moves very quickly, but wow....such a big city like pace. I know I will most likely never live in a city larger than I currently do, but I love big cities.

When I get back I am biting the bullet and buying another pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans. I looked in the mirror today and wow these jeans make a difference.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2

Above was one shot at the World War II Memorial. My grandfather was a WW II Vet, so seeing this was a high priority for me. It is a truly magnificent site, and it is smack dab between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials.

Even prehistoric creatures love M&Ms.
I love this picture!

My height compared to an elephant leg.

Good times.....

Here was an exhibit about how bigger bodies have heavier bones. I know this is true from many WLS things I have read. I was over 300 pounds for so many years that I must have the sturdiest bones around.

I took this picture of Ben because I was amazed at how much stuff he put on his hot dog and yet not one drop of anything spilled on his clothing. I am a magnet for wearing my food!

Easter Island Statue:

On tap for tomorrow:

The Supreme Court Building
The Library of Congress
Picnic dinner at the Lincoln Memorial. :)

From USA Today

Here are a few quotes, it has been on the news, so it is probably old news to most:

"Americans who are 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight cost the country an estimated $147 billion in weight-related medical bills in 2008, double the amount a decade ago."

"Obesity now accouns for 9.1% of all medical spending, up from 6.5% in 1998. Overall, an ibese patient has $4,871 in medical bills a year compared with $3442 for a patient at a healthy weight."

"The average American is 23 pounds overweight, and collectively we are 4.6 billion pounds overweight." (CDC Director Thomas Frieden)

"Obese patients on Medicare spent about $600 a year more in prescription medications than patients at a healthy weight."

Washington, DC: Day 1

Above is the sign right in front of the memorial, and me being silly. This is also a good example of how I have to watch how I pose for pictures. If you look you can see one of my "rolls" pretty clearly. NOT. GOOD.

Ok, I posted these backwards, so we'll go from the end of our day to the beginning. :) We went to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. I ran up the steps and had Ben take my picture like I was Rocky, but my digital camera is not that advanced to capture me at the top.

From the International Spy Muesum:

My personal favorite:

Ben posing as a ninja.

At the spy muesum, we did Operation Spy. It was an interactive mission that was VERY well put together. It was like Ben and I were real like Agent Bauer and Chloe from 24. I am also adjusting to the size of the muesums here, this muesum went on forever. We spent almost five hours here.

We just finished eating at a pub.

Ben's new favorite way to pass the time while waiting in a restaurant, getting his wedding ring to spin. This was a past time of Ben's dad as well.

The Daughters of the America Revolution Muesum had lots of these doll houses, and they amazed me at the level of detail and craftsmanship each one had.

This is the ceiling of the library at DAR, and I thought it was really pretty. Also, there was a photo of a woman at the DAR, and her first name is Wayne. Really, what are you thinking of as a parent? That is SO cruel.

Posing in the kids section:

For breakfast yesterday morning I had my usual Starbucks, but I was able to purchase their "Protein Pack" which is not available at any of the Starbucks in Louisville. It has cheddar cheese, a hard boiled egg, a mini whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, and small amount of fruit. I really loved it!

I am having MAJOR lack of weighing anxiety. We are on day six. I not only don't want to be a WLS failure story, I also don't want to pack on those "comfort" pounds that many married couples get. I've heard it can be 15-20 pounds in the first few years. I don't want to obsess on and on here, but I really need the scale as a yardstick on where I am at progress wise.

Today we are off to the Smithsonian. We are going to the National Museum of Natural History. What is so awesome is that it is within WALKING distance of our hotel. I bought two books for my classroom yesterday, we will see what today holds. When I travel, I don't buy gifts for myself, but things that would be helpful to my students.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and well wishes. I will be more interactive when we return to a normal routine.