Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ben Comes Home Tonight!

Yesterday was fun. I got to see a friend, Seth, we all used to run around with years ago. He was in town last fourth of July, and I met his wife then. I love hanging out with Kristin and Aaron. They always make me feel like a part of the group, even if it has been a few months since we have gotten together. Friends like that are indeed a treasure.

Today Ben comes home. I made a big sign that says, "Welcome Home Jammers!" On the opposite side it says, 6 more days! :) To say I am excited to see him is a complete understatement. Every since we met online, we have only gone two days without talking or seeing one another. We have seen each other every day since about October. We did a few emails back and forth, but there was bad cell phone reception (and it was 69 cents a minute) so we couldn't talk.

I was making a list of all the money we have to spend this week, and WOW it is A LOT. No one bill is huge, but every time we turn around there is another bill to pay. I keep trying to remember that we won't get married every week.

We will probably be taking the laptop on the honeymoon. Ben requires more sleep than I do, and I can only lay in bed for so long before my back actually hurts. I think I can do semi-regular blog posts.

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