Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back in Business: Blogging That Is...

I finally have the laptop completely loaded up, and have internet! (Thanks Ben!) Oh, how I have missed blogging!

Last night Ben and I got him fitted for his tux. There is only one more person in the bridal party who needs to be fitted, and he is very reliable. We are going to get the guy who is singing at our wedding to also play and sing at the rehearsal dinner. On Thursday, we are having a GRILL delivered. This is a wedding present from one of Ben's aunts. I've never had a grill (other than a George Foreman) since I have been out on my own. This should be kind of cool.

Here is a GREAT article about forgiving yourself from Jared's Blog. I need to absorb some of the truths he has come to terms with in his own life.

Tomorrow is my birthday, but Ben and I are celebrating it today. I'll be able to post pictures tonight! :)

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I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow.