Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Updates

We have replaced the laptop but not the internet. Which means the laptop is pretty much useless right now. I forget how we actually used computers before the internet!

I moved out of the hotel yesterday and back into my condo with a brand new AC unit.

My dentist made a comment about how long it had been since my WLS. She said how great I looked and how about 90 percent of the patients she sees gain a majority if not all their weight back. I am fighting like mad NOT to become a WLS statistic.

Ben and I worked on putting more things away last night and that felt awesome. We will have our shower gifts to put away this weekend when his mom brings them up.

I am getting to see one of my favorite authors Max Lucado preach this weekend.

I am going to my PCP today because I have a huge zit on the inside of my nose. It really hurts and it has gotten so big I cannot breathe from my left nostril.

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