Wednesday, February 29, 2012

April 9th

We have our first meeting with Bethany Christian Adoption Services in Rapid City.  HH and I are filling out our preliminary application, and then will receive information about what countries we are best suited to adopt from.  Our journey is beginning....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just What I Needed

Yesterday I needed a big deposit in my emotional bank.  HH and I had two disagreements in 24 hours.  That is huge for us.  Things aren't always perfect, but we generally space our disagreements out much further.  HH made a deposit into my emotional needs bank with a letter...

I'm "hooked" on you....

Here are some of the roses I got from students.  I am so glad for the Candy-Gram event to be over.  I would like to go back to regularly scheduled life now!  :)

One of my students made these for all the kids in our class after we made it as a group craft.

HH brought me balloons to school at the end of the day. 

I shamelessly promoted my husband with my "My Husband Rocks" shirt on Valentine's Day.

The Dating Divas strike again for some fun entertainment.... "The Newlywed Game".  One of the funniest moments in this game was about two minutes into the game, HH slaps his hand to his forehead and goes, "Oh Crap!"  It was about what I was wearing on our first date.  He said, "How can I remember what you were wearing?  I barely remember that I was wearing clothes!"

HH took some of the Scrabble tiles I had been using to spell out a message to me.

For surviving Candy Gram 2012, I brought in PMS Cookies to share with my co-workers.  They were a hit.  Some of them didn't turn out that pretty looking, but I guess in time I'll master dipping things in chocolate.

I worked from 9:30 am until 11:30 yesterday on things for class (with the exception of taking an hour and a half nap).  After church we are headed to have some "city" time.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For My Kiddos Today

I kept it simple this year.  Honestly, had we not been so involved in this silly Candy-Gram fundraiser (that we are most likely going to LOSE money on as a team), I would have done several other things. 

It says I'm so glad you are in my class.  Happy Valentine's Day.

I really love this quote.  The longer I am married, I realize how much truth there is too it.  I found it as a free printable the other day over at We are THAT Family, and decided to frame it.  It is now in our dining room.  This quote is also the theme of the married couples Valentine Dinner HH and I are hosting in our home at the end of the month.


HH calls today V-Day for men to make or break it with the romance department.  I thought I would share what has been going on around here.
On Sunday, I had another ladie's fellowship at my house.  (I have arranged these to be monthly.)  I had eight ladies attend.  I made some awesome food.

The first was "To Die for Roast" from the Crockin Girls.  I am just amazed at HOW EASY this was.  I know I'm going to need more crockpots.  I really enjoy cooking from them. 

Bacon-Ranch-Pea Salad

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Somehow, my Orange Dreamsicle Dip didn't get pictured.  I severed this with graham crackers instead of fruit, because the fruit doesn't look so great right now in the store.  HH and I both did think it needed sugar added to it.  It was just too tart without it.  Perhaps that is where the fruit would have balanced it out better.

I talked with the ladies about fear, and what God was teaching me. 

My students and I made Hershey's Kisses rings.  One of my boys said we were wearing "24 Karat Chocolate."

Did you know Cupid has a mailbox?  Yep.  It's in Valentine, Nebraska.  I sent HH's Valentine card in the mail to be postmarked from there. 

His personalized Valentine's card.  Although he has gotten several small things from me. 

I got this off a primary teacher's website.  Her printables were a lot cuter, but my printer needs a new color ink cartridge.

The Dating Divas are awesome ladies.  I recreated their "Now That I've Kissed The Ground You've Walked On...." invite.

I also did my own version of The Dating Diva's "Love Potion No. 9"....please ignore that the potion is almost empty!  I took the picture late!

On the way home from counseling a married couple HH and I stopped at Dairy Queen.  He had bought me a blizzard cake.  :)

HH helped to plan tonights evening.  The Dating Divas had a text message thing to "Help Your Husband Plan A Date." 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love is in the AIR!

My first idea for HH came from The Dating Divas.

Then I created the ABC's of US, also from The Dating Divas.

I found this printable from Creative Juice, and it has been such a sweet blessing in our house.  I put up a note for why I love HH each day.  He loves it.  He has started putting up notes back to me.  It is hanging in our bathroom, and a nice surprise to see.

I also made this "I'd Follow You Anywhere" frame for HH.  I am showing you the one from Creative Juice, where I got the idea, because I can't figure out how to block out my addresses that are listed on it under photo editing. 

Then there are HH's valentines he has been getting each day.  He has four animals so far!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip:  Mmmmm, this was awesome!  We took it to a Superbowl Party.

Easy Cheese Salsa Potatoes

A lady I work with has a birthday today.  I called her husband to find out what her favorite kind of sweet was, he said Angel Food Cake.  It looks and smells like it, I hope it tastes great.  I loved how the almond extract added such a nice aroma to the cake.

I also made Sloppy Joe Pasta, but forgot to take a picture.

HH has been having fun figuring out his Valentine Scrabble grams.

I am loving reading ICE T's newest book.  HH is loving all the things from the book that I feel I HAVE to share with him from the book.  I have to always share the book love!

What Women Fear is a book I'm speaking about this upcoming Sunday to a women' event that I'm having in my home.  I am learning a lot, and am glad I am reading it. 

I bought my plane tickets to go back to Kentucky at the end of May for my plastic surgery, and also my ticket to go back in July to teach the reading class.  I am excited about being able to be with my family.  I wanted to get my tickets before a summer spike might hit, and I wouldn't be able to afford one of the tickets.

We have decided that this year we will go to HH's family for Christmas break.  I brought this up because I'm going to get to spend about seven weeks with my family this summer, so in fairness I thought we should see his family this year.  Then we will start rotating.  I've already told my parents, because I wanted to soften the blow.  They were actually very understanding about it, and agreed with our decision.

My music husband, Amos Lee, is releasing new music on Valentine's Day.  Yes, he DOES love me.  Check it out for free here!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Song I am Really Digging Now....

Just another small trinket thing for HH for leading up to Valentine's Day.  I hope I shave something for Valentine's Day itself! 


Chicken Enchiladas:  I made these for HH and I the other night.  I brought the leftovers in to a fellow coworker. 

Brown Sugar Blondies:  These look so awesome!  There is a secretary in my building who I am close with, and she has been working on a project that brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into our district.  She has finally finished it up, and I want to celebrate it up BIG!

In part of doing it up big, we have on the hour gifts.  :)  I know she loves Reese's products, so I got her all the varities that our town had.  I sent her a note yesterday with a picture of Sherlock Holmes and told her to be in my room at 12:05 today.  HH came up with four amazing clues, to be delivered each hour with the candy.  At noon, my kids will be at lunch, and HH and I will have her come into our room, and culminate with a singing event.  We are singing a completely reworked version of Alabama's "Forty Hour Week For a Living" just for her.  (HH is the brain child behind this, I gave him a few words, the rest was all his wordsmithing.)  I think especially in education we take few times to celebrate the accomplishments of those around us.  Everyone needs people to make a big deal of their accomplishments once and awhile, and I'm so excited to be doing this today!