Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just another small trinket thing for HH for leading up to Valentine's Day.  I hope I shave something for Valentine's Day itself! 


Chicken Enchiladas:  I made these for HH and I the other night.  I brought the leftovers in to a fellow coworker. 

Brown Sugar Blondies:  These look so awesome!  There is a secretary in my building who I am close with, and she has been working on a project that brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into our district.  She has finally finished it up, and I want to celebrate it up BIG!

In part of doing it up big, we have on the hour gifts.  :)  I know she loves Reese's products, so I got her all the varities that our town had.  I sent her a note yesterday with a picture of Sherlock Holmes and told her to be in my room at 12:05 today.  HH came up with four amazing clues, to be delivered each hour with the candy.  At noon, my kids will be at lunch, and HH and I will have her come into our room, and culminate with a singing event.  We are singing a completely reworked version of Alabama's "Forty Hour Week For a Living" just for her.  (HH is the brain child behind this, I gave him a few words, the rest was all his wordsmithing.)  I think especially in education we take few times to celebrate the accomplishments of those around us.  Everyone needs people to make a big deal of their accomplishments once and awhile, and I'm so excited to be doing this today!


maren said...

You are so very thoughtful. I always love seeing your gift ideas that you create! I do have to admit, I laughed at your misspelling, "I hope I SHAVE something for Valentine's Day itself"...I knew what you meant, but it did make me snicker! (I'm your Havana Rumba blog follower :)

Bandita Senorita said...

You are so sweet. I love Forty Hour Week for a Living. I hope you post the new lyrics.

Also, I wish I were your co-worker/recipient of great snacks, food, and appreciation!