Monday, January 11, 2010

About Me

I'm not even sure how to start this, but here goes...

I am a Christian, and this defines who I am. The truth of God is making me into the person He desires.

I am a pastor's wife. My husband and I are currently seeking the church that God will call us to in order to serve. I love my husband, and am eager to support him.

I am a teacher. I love working with students. I do however look forward to having my own children in the near future, and being a stay at home mom to them.

Why the blog, "Change is Good...Changing for Good"?
I started this blog as a way to process my transformation from a super morbidly obese person to a normal weight person. I never knew just how important documenting things would become personally, but wow, it really has! This has truly been about my journey out of a dark place and into the light. When you've been as heavy as I was for as long as I was, the mental side of losing weight is the hardest battle you will ever face. Now that the weight is off, I hope my readers can join in my adventures to keep living a full life. I missed out on so much as a SMO person (part due to my own choosing, part due to the physical constrictions that my body placed on me), I want to savor every bit of zest that life has to offer.

I welcome any comments that you have.


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