Sunday, January 3, 2010


HH's mom was cutting his hair, so I took the time to pose random plastic insects on him, and he posed for the shot.

HH is setting up the internet at the hotel in Central City. Yes, you should be jealous that we've gotten to stay at the Super 8 Motel Chain TWICE in the past month. Although, this one was a quite an upgrade from the very rustic hunting lodge type one we stayed at last time.

Mirror shot while I waited for HH to get ready to go to dinner.

Holy YUM! This was an awesome cake that we had when we went for coffee and dessert at Doug and Margaret's house. HH and I cannot say for certain this is the church that God has called us to, but there is an undeniable connection that we can't explain. These people have really taken a shine to us, as we have to them. We spent four hours with two couples on the search committee last night, and it breezed by. The couple who hosted us even had our Christmas photo card on their fridge.

I've found a new Dove chocolate product I love.....Dove with Peanut Butter. These are so amazing!!!
I am looking forward to resting in the recliner tonight, but a day of staff development tomorrow....well, not so much.

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