Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday Night Recap (and Tonight's Cooking Class!!!)

On Wednesday night, HH engaged me in a lively reading of "Revolutionary Mothers" while I was making Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam muffins. Don't these look awesome? I managed to make them without eating the whole jar of Smucker's Jam. (I did have a few bites of jam though!)

I also made Black Bean Soup for HH. This was for dinner for Thursday night. Something just doesn't seem right about me going to cooking class each week, and leaving him to fend for himself and have Taco Bell for dinner. HH sees no problem in getting Taco Bell on that night though. The soup did have just a bit of kick to it, but it was mild enough for me to enjoy.

I am posing with my new chef's knife. Tonight I learned lots of knife skill techniques. I have to admit that I am really scared of using the knife, and I chop/peel things very slowly. (I am taking an extra knife skills class later on this month, just to become more comfortable with it.) I made a veggie and fruit tray, black bean dip and hummus. I really think that I can be a fan of hummus. (There are many things that I've not become a fan of until adulthood.)

I am posing with my cookbook from class. I cannot tell you how excited I am about taking it! The one big surprise was that the men outnumbered the women in our class of fifteen!
HH has been a lifesaver this week in the fact that he cleaned out the plastic container cabinet, otherwise known as the cabinet that completely purges itself onto the floor every single time I open it. Today he took on the pantry. HH is in the middle of it, but wow what an improvement he has already made.
HH had a phone interview tonight for a church in Virginia.


ChiTown Girl said...

HOLY COW!!! I LOVE the new look! LOVE IT!!!!!

I'm so excited for you to be taking these classes. That's a beautiful knife, by the way. Is it yours, or were you at the cooking class when you took the picture?

I adore black bean soup, and I could eat hummus every single day! (and have on occasion!) Black bean dip sounds good, too? What was in it? Everytime I read your blog lately, I get hungry!

Ben is seriously just the most wonderful husband on the planet. It would have been a cold day in hell before my ex-husband would have cleaned out the cabinets and pantry. Hell, I couldn't even get him to put the damn toilet seat down! And, I STILL can't! I always know when he's been at my house cuz the seat's up! Argh!

PrettyWoman said...

The blog looks GREAT Tiffany! WOW!