Friday, January 22, 2010

Do The Curly Shuffle...

At the Rochester Airport....HH is so good about posing for pictures for my benefit.

We decided to have dinner with Alex and Rachel (I brought Moes since they were eating Indian food). It was a nice celebratory dinner, as Rachel has just finished up some medical procedures. Afterwards, we went to Comedy Caravan to hear our preferred substitute do comedy. This isn't our first time hearing him. He sure doesn't disappoint. What is a real hoot is that he gets a decent portion of his material from my school, so that is always fun.

Posing outside with the star himself. :)

Don't let HH's solemn face fool you....he really loves Sprinkles.
A note on bball in the hood: It is postponed until further notice. Turns out last week after the game there was a good amount of vandalism done to the church property. TVs torn up, etc. Keep in mind this church is letting us use their facilities for FREE. I don't know if any of my kids were involved in it, but I know some students in the other fifth grade class were.
Rachel and Alex are going with us to the "Relive Your Prom" event on Valentine's Day. I need to work on getting my dress!!!

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