Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A W for the LEAFS!!!

HH and I at dinner at The Merchants Bar and Grill on Music Row.

We passed this sign outside a honky tonk on our way to the arena.

Check out our seats!!! We were ONE ROW from the glass, at the GOAL!

Here I am posing with a W to celebrate the Leafs win!
Interesting conversation with HH during one of the breaks in the game: He says that after my skin is removed I will be SMALLER than the cheerleaders out there on the ice. He says for me to stop and let that sink in a little bit. My mind seriously cannot wrap around that fact.


JLI said...

Okay, I've been meaning to ask...what's the HH stand for? Something husband, I presume?

And do you have the skin removal scheduled? I can't imagine you have more weight to lose. You're already so tiny!

ChiTown Girl said...

Ben's right, you know!