Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great Post

Lyn, over at Escape from Obesity, wrote this post titled "Breaking Point."

What really resonated with me....she says....

"Everything has a trade off. For a long time Big Macs and french fries were *worth* the limited life I got in return....You just have to reach a point where it is not worth it to YOU anymore. Where you want the rich joyful life instead of the candy bar. It really is a trade-off for me. One I am now willing to make."

I think of all the things I was trading my good health for....huge to-go meals at Outback, a large pizza with breadsticks and a 2-liter, coca-cola like crazy. I am worth more now. Somedays I still question myself, but I want a better life than what I was living. I now know how miserable I was, since I was so heavy then and had been for so long, I didn't know what life could be like. This side of life is wonderful. I want to keep it.

Thanks Lyn for the wonderful post!

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