Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Recap

I came home to this SERIOUSLY organized pantry that HH did on Friday. What a way to a girl's heart? Yes, that is a whole lot of protein powder on top. I know the flavors I like, and while I don't need them everyday, I do like to keep it on hand. (Putting the protein powder up there actually freed up two entire SHELVES in the pantry.)

Bball in the hood went well....we won! :)

Picture with Nyelah....she is the hardest worker, and I love this girl!!!

Two more of my students....

Why does HH have his eyes closed? His personalized M&Ms came in, and I couldn't wait to show him. We are going to wait to eat them on Valentine's Day. One has our picture, then there three different personalized messages. The picture turned out really nice.

HH was happy!

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