Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can't Wait to See

I Have...

Number 2 Pencils

Blank Paper

In a few minutes I will have a Starbucks coffee.

I'm on my way to take my PRAXIS exam for possibly teaching in South Dakota.

By the numbers:

4 Sections

120 Multiple Choice Questions

140 is the PASSING SCORE

I Have My Moments

One of the things that is hard about being a teacher, is that sometimes you don't get to see the affects of your labor.  Then, there are other times when I am blown away by a child's progress.  I am frequently given challenging students each year, because I love working with them, and make some good progress usually.  Two of my kids this year, T and L, have presented many of the typical challenges.  They came from a very weak teacher, so I also have a lot of habits to "undo."  I have worked hard.  I've seen growth, but yesterday was AWESOME.

L was working.  L and I have had some battle of the wills competitions.  Poor L doesn't realize how stubborn and patient I can be.  I've seen a lot of progress from her, but she still has these moments where I feel like we are back at square one.  L sits by herself, because she really needs it!  I was checking on her progress with her writing portfolio, and she says to me, "Mrs. F, I really like working hard!"  This comment was completely out of the blue.  There was no "reward" coming up or anything...I really think she actually meant it.

Friday afternoon, I am trying to finish their weekly behavior/academic progress reports.  There is about ten minutes left in the day, so I am in my usual rush.  T was one of the last ones I did.  I handed him his report, and told him to have a good weekend.  He handed it back to me and said, "Mrs. F, this isn't right.  I don't remember what day it was this week, but remember when I wasn't being respectful to you?"  He tells me this after he had just lost recess, and spent the entire time outside "walking the yellow line."  I told him how much I appreciated his honesty.

Bragging on HH...

Which as you guys know is not that hard to do!!!  :)

He was mentioned BY NAME by my principal in the email thanking all the staff for their hard work.  He put away a ton of chairs, helped to dust mop the gym, and towards the end of cleaning up was even down on his hands and knees (in his suit) trying to get something off the floor.  He has such a servant's heart.  Yesterday, the custodian even talked about him while we were eating lunch and how much of a help he was.

Then there was what he did for ME Friday morning.  We left school LATE Thursday night.  I had been with the kids for almost twelve hours.  It was a very rewarding day, but a very LONG day.  I piddled around, and left for work quite close to the time I needed to "just" make it on time (which is not my style).  I desperately needed a coffee, but the line at Starbucks was at least ten cars.  There was no way I could get it, and make it to work on time.  I called HH, and he brought me a Starbucks to work!  :)  LOVE. THIS. MAN.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Michael's Have It...

Michael Buble and Michael Jackson that is....their songs were features in our ballroom dance grand finale tonight!  Here are a few of my pictures from the night.

This is my favorite picture of HH and I!

Too tired to write any thoughts!  The event was awesome!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Proud to Wear Plaid Day

I told my students it was "Proud to Wear Plaid" day....and they believed it.  Here we are posing together in our plaid.

I am going to miss these faces when the year ends. 

Eddie Merlots

I have been waiting for this dinner since January.  I first saw Eddie Merlots while picking up lunches for my student teacher and I to take on a field trip at a downtown bakery.  After looking it up online, I knew it was going to have to be a special occassion type deal.  Last night presented that opportunity.  (HH found out that the committee in South Dakota has unanimously voted for us.  That means they will present our names to the congregation to vote on us coming there.  We have never been this far in "the process" it was time to celebrate.

I started off with crab cakes.  Just how I like them....almost all crab and no breading (just enough breading to keep the shape...that is harder to find than you think the further you get away from the coast!).

Since I am not really a steak kinda gal, I had the Double Cut Pork Chop with  peaches and barbecue sauce.

Lobster Mac and Cheese....I barely touched this, but I was planning on it being my meal for lunch today.  It turned out I got two smaller meals out of it. 

HH and I posing together.  Hopefully, I will be posting some news in the next few weeks after the church congregation votes.

For dessert we had Bananas Foster.  It was prepared tableside.  Our service was exceptional.  I am glad we had a great reason to go celebrate!


I love my parents!

HH holding Baby Kate....She went to him so easily.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Student Teacher Celebration

My current student teacher, Krissy and I.

Both the student teachers I had this semester.

One of my girls is the class photographer.  Here are some of the pictures she caught in our whirlwind twenty minute party (thanks to state mandated testing in both the morning AND the afternoon).

The class photographer gets photographed.

I get a wee bit geeked out over my office supply gifts.

My former student teacher's husband dropped by in his new military uniform to say hi to the kids.