Thursday, April 21, 2011

Testing Days!

This is a speech that HH and I like.  We are in the fourth day of our mandated state testing.  We have five more testing days.  Did I mention that my kids are ten and eleven years old?  NINE DAYS OF TESTING.

I'm pretty good at motivating the kids.  I did cry Tuesday night.  I had a boy who answered fourteen multiple choice questions in seventeen minutes...from two reading passages (five pages of reading).  He is a sweet boy, and wasn't doing it with any ill intent to me.  My job performance is based on "this test."  (It is not yet, but with about ten states where this is law, it is coming down the life quickly.)  There is no investment in the student doing well on this test.  HH let me cry, and I feel better now.

This is the video that I am showing my kids today....

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