Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bragging on HH...

Which as you guys know is not that hard to do!!!  :)

He was mentioned BY NAME by my principal in the email thanking all the staff for their hard work.  He put away a ton of chairs, helped to dust mop the gym, and towards the end of cleaning up was even down on his hands and knees (in his suit) trying to get something off the floor.  He has such a servant's heart.  Yesterday, the custodian even talked about him while we were eating lunch and how much of a help he was.

Then there was what he did for ME Friday morning.  We left school LATE Thursday night.  I had been with the kids for almost twelve hours.  It was a very rewarding day, but a very LONG day.  I piddled around, and left for work quite close to the time I needed to "just" make it on time (which is not my style).  I desperately needed a coffee, but the line at Starbucks was at least ten cars.  There was no way I could get it, and make it to work on time.  I called HH, and he brought me a Starbucks to work!  :)  LOVE. THIS. MAN.

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