Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm struggling with one of my friendships now.  She has been going through quite a bit medically (nothing life threatening or anything) over the last several months, and my heart goes out to her.  I'm one of the only people she has to talk with.  The past month has gotten pretty intense with the amount that she needs me.  We are talking daily for about a half-hour each day, and it is only about her medical stuff and how she feels.  It is wearing me down.  This past week, I've looked at the phone with dread a few times rather than excitement when her number comes up.

Then there is the social aspect, as HH is friends with her husband.  I want to spend time with them, but our schedule is really packed.  Sometimes in a given week, our only "free" night I feel like we have this obligation to hang out with them, because we haven't seen them in two weeks or something like that.  HH and I love our times out, and we like doing fun stuff.  I'm always searching for our next cool thing, but with how insane work is right now, etc... sometimes I just want a night at home in the recliner.  I also want to protect some of my time with HH ONLY.  It is good to do group things, but it is also important to build time together as a couple alone.

I've only had one other person where the friendship became all take and no give.  Sadly, I had to phase this person out of my life.  It became too emotionally draining.  I guess I just worry that this friendship might be heading down the same path.

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