Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break is HERE!

Here is one of our fab security people who is shining like a good deed in a naughty world...

Thanks for all the smiles Mr. Chris!!!

A ransom note has been delivered.  My dad's UK shirt got "stolen" on Wednesday.  Our security guard was supposed to wear it for losing a bet.  The kids had fun as the notes kept coming trying to decide who it was.  I wrote two notes back and delivered them to suspects.  It made the day more upbeat.

The plan was for HH and I to go to dinner and a movie.  Since I was about to fall asleep at the table, we only did the movie.  We went to The Blind Pig.  It was a great atmosphere, and the place is tucked away...I never would have found it without intentionally looking for it.  I had fresh pork sausages, which are made in house.  They were some of the best pork I'd ever had.  For dessert, I had to try the Butter Pecan Bacon Brittle ice cream.  I very much enjoyed that!

The last ransom note of the day. 

In trying to cut expenses, my mom is taking us to the airport.  HH and I also packed everything in one bag.  This should save us $100. 

I also decided to be pro-active about food.  I have to eat frequently, and I often complain that our local airport is a "food desert" for me.  I am bringing pumpkin seeds, biscoff cookies with biscoff butter (this stuff is AMAZING), and a mini-pizza that I'm cooking before I leave.  I won't eat it all, but I'll have a nice variety to choose from, and HH won't have to listen to me saying I'm going to waste away if I don't get something good to eat.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Is that the same security guard who made that awesome cheesecake?

Have a wonderful time on your trip. Can't wait to hear all about it. Be safe!