Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesterday was INTERESTING!!!

I start yesterday with VERY high hopes.  I had submitted an application for a teaching position in South Dakota, and had HH drive me over to the person who could potentially hire me.  I explained that I was sorry for "dropping in," but I wanted to see if she had any questions, etc.  Within three minutes I was walking out the door, and had barely made it to the door before tears came cascading down my face.  She told me that one position had been filled by a qualified Native American applicant.  I was fine with that, and understand that she has to operate under strict federal guidelines.  I understand that not following such guidelines can cost her school district in losing federal funds.  I worked under a federal grant program, and know just how demanding that can be. 

She said there was another position that had opened up, but I was not eligible because I didn't have my South Dakota teaching license in hand.  This is where I was upset.  According to the website, I needed a current teaching license, and to be employed as a teacher.  I knew I would have to get the license before full time employment.  If I had known that, I would have applied for that two week ago to go ahead and get the ball rolling.  She could tell that I was about to cry, and said that I should check down the road with the local school system (again, the federal and local systems work seperately yet together here...strange).

So, by the time I reach the car, I am in full sobbing mode.  This is IT in this town....there are no other job opportunities.  After about ten minutes, I tell HH to drive me down the street to this other school.  I tried to find the person who could hire there, but they were not in.  When I explained to the secretary why I was there, she said she would try to get the 5-6 grade principal for me to talk with.  This lady was so nice.  Of course her first question was why South Dakota.  I explained, and she got a chance to meet HH and talk with him for a few minutes.  She said that she was certain she had a sixth grade position open, and asked if I would be willing.  I told her absolutely, but my teaching certificate would not allow it.  She said that in South Dakota, they give K-8 certificates.  She called to check to see if my certificate would transfer to a K-8 at the state office, and they said no problem.  She asked me several other questions, and seemed genuinely interested.  The secretary gave me some paperwork to fill out.  She said that I needed to submit a letter of interest today.  I told the principal I didn't have access to a printer here, and she lets me type/print the letter on her computer!!!  We shake hands and go on our way.

For the next two hours, I have a fury of phone calls to make and take!  I get one of my good friends and work supervisors to hammer out a recommendation letter.  (The application needed three letters, which I would have had completed had I known before hand.)  She not only completes the letter but says, "What is the principal's phone number, I'll just call her."  This lady is a university professor/student teacher supervisor, and has a lot of influence over what happens in our building.  I was elated!  So she talks with her, and calls me back to say how positively it went. 

I send out emails and facebook messages to get my other two letters started.  I start my online application for teaching certification.  It comes down to the PRAXIS.  The Praxis is the test you take at the end of college to get your state certification.  I call to order scores, and find out they don't keep them past nine years.  I call other places, but I end up finding out I took test 0011 and I need to take test 0014.  I checked every option trying not to take that test again, but to no avail.  I have gone ahead and bought the test prep books, and will be making my appointment to take the PRAXIS tonight online.  My application for license cannot move forward without those scores. 

We got to see the parsonage yesterday, and took a bunch of pictures.  It was very nice.  It is by far one of the nicest homes in this area.  We asked if we could come back and take measurements of the place just in case we were selected, so we could plan as we moved.  They were fine with that.  I will post pictures when I get back home, but the internet is painfully (dial-upish) slow here.

Just a few minutes ago, I got a call for an OFFICIAL INTERVIEW!!!  :)  Tomorrow at 9:00, I will be interviewing for a position!


ChiTown Girl said...

Holy cow! What a roller coaster ride of emotions!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing and wow.. I love this story. You are right, it goes with the title of your blog, "Change is Good."

I hope it all works out well. : )

Bandita Senorita said...

I'm praying for your interview!

maren said...

What ups and downs! I said a little prayer for your interview! I know the pain of the Praxis, too! Right after I graduated from college in Ohio, I had go go to Indiana and take the Praxis I (entry level test). Ohio had exempted me from the because my ACT scores were good enough, but Indiana didn't allow for that. I felt like I was jumping through WAY too many hula hoops! Have a great interview!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!


Annelies said...

I hope everything works out for the two of you, and that you both get the job! Good luck!!