Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love is in the AIR!

My first idea for HH came from The Dating Divas.

Then I created the ABC's of US, also from The Dating Divas.

I found this printable from Creative Juice, and it has been such a sweet blessing in our house.  I put up a note for why I love HH each day.  He loves it.  He has started putting up notes back to me.  It is hanging in our bathroom, and a nice surprise to see.

I also made this "I'd Follow You Anywhere" frame for HH.  I am showing you the one from Creative Juice, where I got the idea, because I can't figure out how to block out my addresses that are listed on it under photo editing. 

Then there are HH's valentines he has been getting each day.  He has four animals so far!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip:  Mmmmm, this was awesome!  We took it to a Superbowl Party.

Easy Cheese Salsa Potatoes

A lady I work with has a birthday today.  I called her husband to find out what her favorite kind of sweet was, he said Angel Food Cake.  It looks and smells like it, I hope it tastes great.  I loved how the almond extract added such a nice aroma to the cake.

I also made Sloppy Joe Pasta, but forgot to take a picture.

HH has been having fun figuring out his Valentine Scrabble grams.

I am loving reading ICE T's newest book.  HH is loving all the things from the book that I feel I HAVE to share with him from the book.  I have to always share the book love!

What Women Fear is a book I'm speaking about this upcoming Sunday to a women' event that I'm having in my home.  I am learning a lot, and am glad I am reading it. 

I bought my plane tickets to go back to Kentucky at the end of May for my plastic surgery, and also my ticket to go back in July to teach the reading class.  I am excited about being able to be with my family.  I wanted to get my tickets before a summer spike might hit, and I wouldn't be able to afford one of the tickets.

We have decided that this year we will go to HH's family for Christmas break.  I brought this up because I'm going to get to spend about seven weeks with my family this summer, so in fairness I thought we should see his family this year.  Then we will start rotating.  I've already told my parents, because I wanted to soften the blow.  They were actually very understanding about it, and agreed with our decision.

My music husband, Amos Lee, is releasing new music on Valentine's Day.  Yes, he DOES love me.  Check it out for free here!


maren said...

Your ideas are always great! You do a great job following through, too. I see fun ideas but they stay just that! You inspire me!

Missie said...

Great gift ideas for the husband. I'm going to go check out that site. Thanks for sharing it. Have a good week and Happy Valentine's Day!