Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging Again from Panera

I found Sierra's dress yesterday. She is going to look so cute! The blue that the girls are going to wear is in this dress. They really start to screw over you the second you become fat. I went to JCPennys, and they had ONE RACK of plus sized girl's dresses. I guess they don't want fat kids to get the impression that they are going to have CHOICE when they get older. What....we are allowed to have two stores per mall?
My dad did end up calling to apologize Sunday evening. This is BIG for my dad. He rarely does this. We are doing pretty well. We did a lot of wedding talk today.
I am a proud owner of a new crown. Removing the temporary crown proved to be tougher than I remembered. I had a funny moment while I was letting my dentist work on my mouth. I told her that I was sorry I didn't take our relationship seriously. I went on to say how I'd looked into her eyes more than anyone else on earth. I felt like I owed her flowers or something! She about lost it!
I realized that this summer that I have not done anything adventurous or "out of the box".....I'm going to have to put a few things on tap for the fall:
1. Go on a Zip Line Tour
2. Ride a motorcycle (as a passenger ONLY: this may end up just being around a parking lot, if I am not comfortable going to the next level)
3. Try ice skating (I have a bad ankle, so this is still very iffy)
4. Go Camping (this is really BEN'S thing....It will be in a cabin first)

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ChiTown Girl said...

I think you'll love the motorcycle ride. I LOVE riding on the back of a motorcycle!! I dated a "biker" one summer, and I have been obsessed every since. It's so much fun. Enjoy yourself!!!