Thursday, July 9, 2009


from life that is! Every moment seems to be jam packed as the big day approaches. This time in two weeks will be our rehearsal dinner. Craziness!

Tonight at dinner, Ben's mom and friend from church came up with a whole list of things that Ben and I had not considered as far as wedding prep is concerned. There was one thing that really caught my attention: pictures of me in my gown before the wedding. These would be up at the wedding reception. I had only seen this done at one wedding, and it was a really fancy one: the girl had two oil paintings of herself at the reception. Since I am getting my hair done tomorrow for the trial run, I figured there was no better time than then to go ahead and do it. My mom agreed to take a few pictures of me. I'm going to have one blown up as an 11'' x 16'', and another one as 18'' x 24'' picture.

The grill came today: AND IT WAS NOT ASSEMBLED. It is quite the nice wedding gift, but we have to get it back to Sears, and they will assemble it there. Then we have to be able to transport it back to the condo. I'm thinking that this will have to go on the backburner big time until after we get back from the honeymoon.

Ben's mom asked me if I had any interest in learning how to sew. My mom sews very well, and she tried to teach me, but we are too alike in many ways, and I could not seem to learn it from her without getting frustrated. I told her that I was interested in learning how to sew. She said that she would get me a sewing machine. Going to tackle cooking and sewing, maybe I have the makings of a domestic diva somewhere buried inside after all.

We have several trips to the dumpster to make tonight, since we have unpacked all the bridal gifts we got from the two showers in North Carolina. Ben is also bringing over almost all his stuff tonight from the apartment he has been staying in. He leaves on Saturday for a week to Canada, and when he returns, he will have a hotel room in my hometown to get ready for wedding stuff. Reality is setting in, the merger is almost complete!

Ben' mom and friend saw my condo even though it was FAR from being company ready. They seemed pretty gracious since we are in a complete transition phase of life right now.

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