Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awesome Day/Night

I got to meet Patrick Henry Hughes!!! His concert was AMAZING! Talk about a man who has used every opportunity that lie has afforded him.

Ok.....side note on this picture: WHO IS THIS GIRL? (Ok, forget the tan stuff) Seriously, I look really good here. This is probably one of the best pictures I have taken.

I got to spend several hours over lunch with my friend Cheryl. I miss her so much. It is awesome how encouraged I can walk away after a bit of time with her. She really doesn't know what a gift she has. She also asks me some tough questions that make me think about where I am at in my journey now mentally as far as body image goes. I love her more than I can possibly express.


Anonymous said...

You do look great! and I love the tan =)


ChiTown Girl said...

You definitely look like one hot mamma! I think the tan looks nice, too. It should look great next week.