Sunday, July 12, 2009

As Painless as Possible

Tomorrow I am taking my junior bridesmaid out to get her dress. The other date we had scheduled didn't work out. Her mom told me that she wears plus size clothes that are for girls at JCPennys. I'm going to start out there. I remember wearing clothes there. The selection was so limited. My goal is to really gush over her, and make her feel beautiful, and not think anything about her weight. I will certainly post pictures of her. She is so precious to me. (This is a former student of mine.)

Kudos to the Frito Lay company (NOT)....
I heard a radio spot about how tight economic times are, and as a company response on select brands they are giving an extra 20% in their bags of food. Lets check here, do they make anything of nutritional value: NO, but rest assured America, now you get more, because your junk food habit was going to break your wallet anyhow.

On junk food....
I have been thinking a lot about how I was allowed to eat as a child. This is important for me to reflect upon, because Ben and I want children, and I don't want to set my children up for failure. Here are a few reflections (sorry for the randomness)....

*NOTE: As stated previously in this blog, I do not fault my mom for how she raised us. I think she did the best she could working full time raising the three of us while our dad frequently worked third shift jobs, and other side jobs to earn extra income.

1. I was frequently allowed to get multiple candy bars when we would stop at the store. My mom would sometimes do this for herself as well, BUT, my mom could put them away, and munch on them over several days, whereas I would consume them quickly (often on the ride home).

2. My mom was part of this donut exchange thing where she worked. We frequently stopped at Haydorn's Bakery, and I was allowed to get a "Debbie Moss" donut (Boston Creme Filled Donut), and half a dozen donut holes.

3. Although my mom always drank diet, she never restricted what I drank. I could always get any sugary soda I wanted.

4. My mom always gave me money for the vending machine when I stayed after school instead of ever packing me a more healthy treat to eat.

I guess things were too regular, and were not viewed as special treats. This is something that I still struggle with, well over two years out of WLS. It has always baffled my mind to see people who take "just a bite" of dessert or a cookie, or save a candy bar to eat over a period of a week. My brain got different wiring early out from this, and I don't want my kids to think the same way. I know it will save them a lot of heartache in the end.

Going home now to try to catch the newest episode of Ruby on the Style Network. What an inspiration that woman is!

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ChiTown Girl said...

I completely understand what you're saying about the eating habits you developed as a child. However, I'm afraid my poor eating habits came from having a mom who did the opposite. We NEVER were allowed to have pop. NEVER! We didn't have tons of candy around, or other junk food for that matter. My mother cooked every single meal, 3 meals a day, practically every single day of our childhood. It was very rare that we ate out and we almost never had fast food. We probably, without exaggeration, had McDonald maybe twice a year. And, even then, it was a production. My dad would get ONE chocolate shake that my brother, sister and I all shared. Same with the one order of fries.

My point of telling you all this is to say that what ended up happening for me is that I would then go way overboard anytime those kinds of "treats" were around. If we went to someone's house to visit, and they put out cookies or cakes, etc., I would always over-indulge. I would sneak candy from the corner store, that I would scarf on the way home so my mom wouldn't know I bought it and ate it. I never learned to ration these little treats, or like you said, take "just a bite" of anything. I was always in a hurry to eat it before my mom realized what I was doing.

You mentioned that you viewed things as "too regular" and not as special treats. That makes complete sense to me. But so does the fact that I developed a habit of gorging myself on those things because they were so rare. So, I guess the real question is, what's the right thing to do? I tried to teach my son good eating habits, and I can only hope they stick.

Wow, sorry, didn't mean to write a saga!!