Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2

Above was one shot at the World War II Memorial. My grandfather was a WW II Vet, so seeing this was a high priority for me. It is a truly magnificent site, and it is smack dab between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials.

Even prehistoric creatures love M&Ms.
I love this picture!

My height compared to an elephant leg.

Good times.....

Here was an exhibit about how bigger bodies have heavier bones. I know this is true from many WLS things I have read. I was over 300 pounds for so many years that I must have the sturdiest bones around.

I took this picture of Ben because I was amazed at how much stuff he put on his hot dog and yet not one drop of anything spilled on his clothing. I am a magnet for wearing my food!

Easter Island Statue:

On tap for tomorrow:

The Supreme Court Building
The Library of Congress
Picnic dinner at the Lincoln Memorial. :)

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