Friday, January 4, 2008

Tapping Into It...

From Bingham's Book:

"It may surprise you to know that no human physical achievement, no matter how extraordinary, was accomplished by someone with a body that was fundamentally different
from yours and mine. All of the extraordinary feats of courage or tenacity or will were done by people just like you. That same potential resides in your body. It's just a matter of tapping it."

Tapping takes time, energy, and effort. I have not always had the best self esteem in my life, but through my DS, I have learned that I am worth the effort. Tomorrow I will run again, and work on tapping into the inner athlete in me that is dying to get out.

"It's easy to excuse yourself from dreaming of physical accomplishments if you believe that your body can't be different than it is. But it can. It can be strong, firmer, and more powerful. And when it is, you'll begin to consider all the possibilities."

Watch out world, I'm grabbing the bull by the horns with this exercise thing.


Paul Hammond said...


I found your profile because we both listed Savannah Smiles on our Favorite Movie list. You are a member of an exclusive, select club, congratulations.

You have a great story to tell. Thanks for sharing it.

Dagny said...

This exercise thing will really GRAB YOU!!! May I recommend the interval method to get started. The "C to 5K" plan helps you get going. The interval method can help you do a lot of things!

On my site you'll find a link to purchase the right kind of interval timer. A $20 item makes a HUGE difference.

Good luck!!