Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have really been focusing more on eating higher fat foods. I have also really worked at eating more. GAG! It seems like a CHORE. I am doing it though. I am seeing positive results on the scale. After so many years of dieting, it is weird convincing yourself that "eating more" is what your body needs. I have to remember that my body has been SURGICALLY ALTERED, and has different needs and requirements.

I have also been thinking about the "source" of my carbs. Carbs that come from nut products or beans, while they still count, seem to have more effect on the scale moving downward. Something to keep in mind as I go forward. I know many people say a carb is a carb is a carb. I have also nixed the SF Dove Chocolates.

I am bored with my clothes. I want some new outfits. I bought two dress shirts and a pair of pants to tide me over until spring, but still! I was getting ready to say that "this time next year" I will have the same size clothes, and I can actually build a nice wardrobe. Yet, that is not true. I plan on having extensive plastics done in the summer of '09, so I still have some time to hold off. It is wild to think that by the end of the summer I could possibly be in a size 12. That would be so awesome.

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