Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to the Salt Mines....

Vacation is over, and it is back to work this morning for me. I have to work in Frankfort at the Department of Education today. This morning I will be presenting a 185 page power point presentation that I have developed to the other 11 people who have my job across the state. They will get to tear it apart, and then I will regroup and revise it from there. Days like these remind me that I really am an adult. I will definitely need a coffee this morning.

Since losing weight, I have so much more confidence in getting up in front of groups. Before, I always felt as if they were staring at me, only thinking of how huge I was. Now I feel that people are actually listening to the content that I am delivering. There is one graduate professor, Coach South, I owe a huge debt of gratitude for as far as my public speaking abilities. He really worked with me, as they were HORRIBLE. He saw a gem, and really encouraged me to keep trying the public speaking. It is so much easier now than it used to be.

I don't like days I have to travel out of town, because I feel like it throws my eating off track. Today, I'm just going to stick with chicken salad and hard boiled eggs for lunch.

Some highlights of January that I am looking forward to:

* Getting to see Phantom of the Opera with some friends
* Seeing an old high school friend that now lives in Portland, Oregon (there are also some trepidations about that, which I will elaborate on later)
* The annual "Girls Just Want to Have Fun Weekend"

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