Saturday, January 26, 2008


Target had so many CUTE spring skirts! I was totally shopping in the misses section! I tried on several, and really loved them. I could wear size 16! I am going to wait a while, but I do think I will buy a few of them. If I wait until about spring break, who knows, I may be in the size 14!

There was also a really flattering dress from the misses section, size XL (not XXL--I didn't need the largest size in the section). I can't find a picture of it on the Target website. I so want to shop, but I am really trying my best to hold off!

I wanted to buy some of the "Assets" body shaping wear. This is Target's version of Spanx. I LOVE Spanx, but don't really want to invest in it until I am closer to a size that I plan to stay. The price on the Assets body shapers (from under bra to mid thigh) was only $20. The Spanx version is $79.

The only disappointment on my shopping trip was looking at the athletic clothing line. I was actually interested in purchasing some of this for my running. I tried the Champion Line, and I could fit into the XL, but it was too tight to wear for workout out. Perhaps I'll be able to fit in it as I get closer to my 5K runs.

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Sassafrass said...

I think I got my Spanx (which I love by the way because they do squish all that we need squished) from The Avenue for about $35. Just an FYI.