Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I dropped four pounds overnight! I weighed in at 210 today. 11 pounds to ONEDERland. 19 pounds to an overweight BMI!

I watched The Biggest Loser: Couples last night. I don't really agree with the practices of the biggest loser, but I like watching how people who are really overweight can indeed push themselves. When they push themselves, they are amazed what they can do.

When it came time for the weigh in, there were two women whose weight was comparable to mine. I couldn't believe it. I think this is for two reasons. One, I have a hard time at times seeing that I am indeed much smaller than I used to be. Two, every human body is so different. We all carry our weight in different places. I carry the bulk of my excess weight in my thighs and hips.

Progress feels so good. :)

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