Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dinner with Mom, etc...

I had dinner with my mom tonight. I got to Applebees before her. I went ahead and got a table for us. She had to call my cell phone to find out where we were sitting. When she sat down she said, "You look so skinny from behind, I didn't recognize you." :)

I have also noticed that when I sit in seats, I rarely spill out of the seat. The seat holds my entire body. This has never been the case before. It is pretty cool.

I ran into a lady that I used to work with, who had not seen me since prior to my surgery. She couldn't believe my transformation. I told her that I wanted to lose about 40 additional pounds. She said she didn't see where it would come from. I know she was being nice, but it sure made me feel good.

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