Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fit Day

I did Fit Day yesterday, and my calorie total came up to 3336 calories. Of course, after doing DS Math, I absorbed about 1100 calories. The majority of my calories came from fat first, protein next, and the least amount came from carbs. I don't think I am going to do Fit Day every day, but I will try to check in once a week or so just to see how things are going.

I am down another pound this morning. I weighed in at 205. As I've said a million times over, I am so ready to see ONDERLAND! :) I do want to do something big once I reach this milestone, but I'm not sure what. I would love to celebrate it with my KADS support group, and I'm sure that we will. I am still not at the regulation weight for skydiving, or I think I would go ahead and do that. I'll have to ponder this question a bit more.

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Tia L. said...


I'm intrigued...what did you eat that constituted 3300+ calories? I'm just really curious.

Thanks, Tia.