Friday, January 18, 2008


Thoughts from Bingham's Book....

"Getting faster wasn't a smooth, linear progression. It was a frustrating series of good days and bad days."

How much this quote relates to WLS. I let myself get frustrated, because I want the complete smooth linear progression. Yet I forget that even though there are many factors I can control, there are also factors I cannot control. If my body feels I am losing too quickly, it is going to slow down my weight loss process, etc. I can't let the bad days get me down. There is a definite progression, I need to realize that it comes with good and bad days.

Another quote I enjoyed from the chapter:

"Some of the lessons to be learned about yourselves can be best learned as we push toward the edges of our abilities. The truths for which we search, about what and how much we are willing to do, can only be discovered as we continue to ask more of ourselves."

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