Friday, January 11, 2008

Size 18....

I'm getting much closer to saying FAREWELL to size 18. Several of my size 18 pants are getting pretty loose. When I officially reach size 16 (I'd say by the end of February), I will have gone down ELEVEN PANT SIZES since my DS!!! That blows my mind.

Every now and then, I try on my pre-op pants, and I can't believe I used to not only fill those pants up, but they were VERY TIGHT when I wore them to Mexico to get my DS. I am almost to the point where I can fit into half of my pre-op pants. I'd say in the next 15 pounds I will be able to do it. That picture will really hit home with how much weight that I have lost.

I have heard once you hit size 14, that your clothing size changes roughly every ten pounds. Fat clothes were always pretty generous. You could usually go 15-25 pounds up or down, and not need to change a size. It will be a different experience watching my clothing size change that often. It would be awesome to think that this summer I could possibly be a size 12. That I could be shopping in the "regular" part of any store. It almost seems too good to be true. :)

Watch out size 16, here I come. (That won't be my final stopping point though! Wooooo Hooooo!)

Note: I looked back in my blog and in August I was talking about getting to a size 26. Five months later, and I'm looking at a size 16!!! :)

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