Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good News

I have a job interview on Tuesday! This would be for a secondary job, not to replace my current position. This job would be working with adults to get their GED. I have never done this before, but have been interested in this type of work for some time. My mom did it for a few years, and said it was the most rewarding work she had ever done. Even though I have not taught GED classes before, I am hoping that my current job as a Literacy Specialist, would give me a strong start at getting this job. I am a natural encourager too, and I think that would be a big part of this job, helping individuals have the confidence to take the test.

The lady that I babysit for commented on my weight loss last night saying I just keep getting thinner and thinner. I have not really lost that much lately, but I do think that my weight has shifted some, so that might help. I also wonder with all the compliments that I have been getting if I am starting to resemble a "normal" person's weight loss. When you are extremely overweight like I was, it takes at LEAST 50 pounds lost before people say anything (and even then it is typically your CLOSE friends/relatives). When you are not as big, people can start to see the changes of even ten pounds. I kinda wonder if that is where I am at now, I am at a smaller size so people notice the changes easier.

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