Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A First

I often look at myself in the mirror at a side profile. For the first time in my LIFE, my boobs and gut are even! My gut always used to stick out further than my boobs. WOW, how cool is that. I will post a picture soon just to show you guys how cool it is. I can't wait for my boobs to stick out further because my gut is completely FLAT.

Although my weight loss has slowed, the compliments really have been pouring in. I guess my body is settling, and the loss is showing. One principal said she didn't even recognize me. (I had not been in her school since August. Thinking about it, I have lost roughly 90 or so pounds since August.)

I had to "safety pin" my shirt tighter today. I didn't realize that I was showing much cleavage because it was too loose. I guess I won't be be wearing that shirt anymore.

One of my friends is coming in this weekend. That will be good times. I am looking forward to the nice three day weekend.

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