Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lifetime's "Queen Sized" Movie

Tonight I watch Lifetime's "Queen Sized" movie. It is the real story of a girl in South Carolina who won Homecoming Queen. She was a plus sized. The movie touched so many cords with me. The ridicule, the not having so many friends, etc....It was weird, like I was reliving part of my high school career over again.

A few things I remember from my high school years regarding my weight...

1. My freshman year having a guy say that I needed to be in the "Building Blocks" club. It was a club for pregnant/teenage mothers.

2. Never having a date through all four years of high school. I even remember asking a guy, Shawn, to the Christmas dance, and getting turned down.

3. My junior year eating four doughnuts every day for lunch.

4. Going to my junior and senior prom ALONE, and wearing old lady formals from the Lane Bryant catalog.

5. Working all summer babysitting to buy "cool" clothes, and only being able to afford a few items from Lane Bryant.

6. Having a hard time fitting into the desks at school.

7. Being in the high school band in 9th and 10th mom was a "band mom" and we were getting fitted for marching band uniforms. She told me that I had the LARGEST uniform the band had.

8. When guys would be interested in me, it was to try to get involved with one of my friends. They wanted to how how to impress them, etc.

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