Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Reward for When I Reach ONEDERLAND

I have tossed many things back and forth in my head about how I will celebrate hitting ONEDERLAND, but I have decided I am going to go


I have already emailed the local place to find out about height and weight restrictions. I am hoping that 199 will let me in. I've heard they will go up to 235 (usually for males). This past eight months really has been an amazing ride, and I want to do something BIG when I hit ONEDERLAND. I am ordering the video of my skydiving adventure when I do it, and will post it to the blog!

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Tia L. said...

Holy crap, girlfriend! You are braver than me! You have GOT to figure out how to get some pictures of the whole experience. That would be so awesome and I know you'll have a ton of fun!