Sunday, December 16, 2007


I survived my dad's family holiday event. I hardly spoke to anyone. One person complimented me on how I looked. At least there was nothing that turned ugly. The one cousin that I was expecting to say something nasty, she didn't speak to me. Good thing I'm not crying tears over that one!

Tonight was my immediate family Christmas. We had to have it early, because of my brother and sister's crazy work schedules. We had a really good time. I did really good on the eating front. I had some country ham, and that was all. I tried on several of the things I got tonight and they fit well. When I was with my mom, I bought them super tight in hopes that they would fit. It it a great feeling! :)

I have a work party tomorrow and one on Friday for lunch. Hopefully, I can get through those without having to worry about any food stuff. I like my boring food and staying away from temptations as often as possible.

I am off from Christmas Eve through January 2nd. I am looking forward to the break.

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